Thursday, August 21, 2014

When he flew to the basket when he used to put his tongue out

And so it proved, in the rookie season Jordan conquered people, came to the Chicago stadium to watch the ball's audience is increasing exponentially. As long as you can see Jordan performances, fans of opposing teams and even willing to pay the cost of losing the game. The performance Jordan off and he in the basketball court as unique and charming. The bright prospect of him without limit.

Nike early sign him as the most important shoe spokesmen, but the effect is far more than expected to. In Jordan rookie preseason games, he crossed a unprecedented bull red color boots, NBA began to think this violation of "global service consistency Shou", if he continues to wear it will be fined. He still wear a few times, the shoes and other MJ series shoes caused an unprecedented boom market. Unlike most NBA players, his contract allowed him to be able to play any time during the offseason -- this clause is called "love in terms of basketball"

When he flew to the basket when he used to put his tongue out -- like his father to do mechanical work as, this action has also become one of his trademarks. He kept his beloved North Carolina shorts to wear shorts underneath the bulls, which he started to wear some of the shorts lengthened, or because the longer shorts can make him wear more comfortable. No matter what the reason, in baggy shorts to become a fashion spread in the league and other sports. The rookie magic even applied to the body, they say a few privileges he enjoyed the veteran who for years to enjoy, so much so that he even step will not be blown. Many people say that the reason he can so easily by defenders because he walks. But according to the slow motion analysis of the real reason is his first step too quickly, and did not violate any rules.

The second season playing only three games

Despite the high-profile, Jordan remained humble. He never put the Blazers didn't choose him, in the rookie season before he told Sports Illustrated (Sports Illustrated): "he (Bowie) for them more than me, they have enough big guard and small forward." His self deprecating embodied more obvious in another word the same text: "I hope that my life is at least play in an all star game".

This goal soon realized, he was voted to the all star saidone forces starting shooting guard soon after. In the all star game, he met the first obstacle occupation career: his teammates, Detroit Pistons Isaiah Thomas (Isiah Thomas). The media that is Thomas deliberately method does not pass the frozen the gold star at the all star game play, so as the starting shooting guard Jordan within 22 minutes of the time only 7 minutes. The rest of the day, he alone in the face of the alleged plot. About this thing that lasted for a long time, but Thomas has denied this claim. Finally, this section of resentment in the all star game in 2003 on the Eastern Conference all star team coach Thomas persuaded Vince Carter (Vince Carter) to the first position to participate in the last session of the all star game Jordan ended.

 The second season playing only three games, a piece of bone Jordan stress fracture in his left foot, despite being voted into the all star game also failed to attend. But at the end of the season to return to the stadium of him in the first round of the playoffs against the Celtics scored 63 playoff history record score. After the two overtime, the bulls in the final 131-135 to their defeat, also to be swept out of the playoffs Jordan fate; but in this series of scoring average score of 43.7, this let all had suspected Jordan ability are closed his mouth.

Patrick Ewing (Patrick Ewing.) like many years later in NBA -- nothing

The road to fame childhood Jordan Jordan attended Yu Huiming Dayton high school. Although he was rough and more difficult, many times was suspended for the first grade, just because of that 5 feet 11 inches shorter is basketball team excluded from the tournament, but in the end he became a baseball team, excellent students, basketball and football excellence star, in two, the summer between the third grade, Jordan long by 4 inches, he more intently to practice, finally, he let the team in three, with an average of 25 points per game for the fourth grade. The fourth grade, Jordan in McDonald's all American team, and became the only three double averaged 29.2 points, 11.6 rebounds, 10.1 assists, high school students. After graduating from high school, all American high school team Jordan entered wanted North carolina. As a newcomer he somewhat living in high grade James Worthy and Sam Perkins's shadow. But in the NCAA finals against Georgetown University Stadium, Jordan shine. Scored 16 points and 9 boards in the last 18 seconds to hit the winning goal, the North Carolina more than 63 to 62 victory over. Let another great new University of Georgia -- Patrick Ewing (Patrick Ewing.) like many years later in NBA -- nothing.

Second years, he was Sporting News as the best university player of the year. He was re elected for third years, and won the Naismith and Wooden Awards. That year, he was the Chicago bulls in the draft third pick. When the Houston rockets selected champion as expected, University of Houston is the 7 foot center -- Hakeem Hakim Olajuwon (Hakeem Olajuwon). Beyond all expectations, the Portland Trail Blazers selected Bangyan Kentucky 7 feet 1 Center Sam Bowie. Bowie at the University have had a few injuries, but the Blazers have no choice Jordan, because they last year got another exciting point guard -- glider Clyde Drexler (Clyde Drexler). At last Drexler became a star and Bowie the easy thing is mediocre spent his career.

His father died of trouble come one after another, Jordan because of his gambling scrutinised by more serious is his father was murdered. His father is the spiritual pillar of the Jordan, he supported Jordan a step on the path to success. After July 23, 1993, the Bulls won three consecutive two months, Jordan father James Jordan (James · Jordan) to attend a funeral for a friend, on the way home he parked the car on Interstate 95, a street near the Lumberton North Carolina, on the grounds of nap. The two prisoners Daniel Green and Larry Matin Demery killed him and stole the Jordan gave his Lexus; the two criminals also use James's mobile phone made a few phone calls, and was quickly arrested. In August 3rd, James's body was found in a bog, until 5, was officially confirmed. Because of the great fighting spirit, but also in order to seek a new challenge,

any position of the role and let him become one of the best

In the 1993-1994 season, the day before the training camp in training camp, Jordan announced his retirement, and in two days after the official retirement statement; his number 23 shirt will be retired in bulls. After a long time thinking, Jordan once again return to the spotlight is wearing a baseball uniform: in order to complete his father's wishes, Jordan entered the Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball), he was the Chicago White Sox (Chicago White Sox) of the secondary side Bermingham barons (Birmingham Barons) AA level in the Southern League the 94 season (Class AA Southern League) game. He can play a role player, but into the big league wishes look slim. In the 95 season is approaching, major league baseball outbreak of labor disputes, Jordan with regression NBA flame. Soon, in the NBA94-95 season is not over yet, Jordan in a single sentence "I come back (I'm Back)" comeback. Edit this paragraph career

Following the 84 Olympics folded under the crown, Jordan rookie season glamorous, won the rookie of the year award. That year his averages up to 28.2 points (after Bernard King and Bird) also had 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists and was a second team. More importantly, the Bulls winning 11 more than in the previous year, the success of the promotion playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs, Jordan averaging 29.3 points, but the team 1:3 negative and the Milwaukee Bucks, be eliminated. "In his rookie season, his attack range is not big enough, the defense also seemed to be somewhat loose." His first coach NBA Kevin says Loughery. His mid-range -- according to the basket 8-15 feet -- shot is very good (hit rate of 51.5%), his steals also masked his defensive posture is not up to the standard of defect. In this two aspects will enable him to eventually become can pose a threat to each other in any position of the role and let him become one of the best for a defensive player.

"Even before his rookie season, people are convinced that the rocket and the Blazers will regret their choice", the score king Bernard Kim (Bernard King) early in the preseason is determined to slam magazine (Hoop magazine) said -- "I can only say," King said: "Chicago it is really to make over."