Thursday, August 21, 2014

any position of the role and let him become one of the best

In the 1993-1994 season, the day before the training camp in training camp, Jordan announced his retirement, and in two days after the official retirement statement; his number 23 shirt will be retired in bulls. After a long time thinking, Jordan once again return to the spotlight is wearing a baseball uniform: in order to complete his father's wishes, Jordan entered the Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball), he was the Chicago White Sox (Chicago White Sox) of the secondary side Bermingham barons (Birmingham Barons) AA level in the Southern League the 94 season (Class AA Southern League) game. He can play a role player, but into the big league wishes look slim. In the 95 season is approaching, major league baseball outbreak of labor disputes, Jordan with regression NBA flame. Soon, in the NBA94-95 season is not over yet, Jordan in a single sentence "I come back (I'm Back)" comeback. Edit this paragraph career

Following the 84 Olympics folded under the crown, Jordan rookie season glamorous, won the rookie of the year award. That year his averages up to 28.2 points (after Bernard King and Bird) also had 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists and was a second team. More importantly, the Bulls winning 11 more than in the previous year, the success of the promotion playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs, Jordan averaging 29.3 points, but the team 1:3 negative and the Milwaukee Bucks, be eliminated. "In his rookie season, his attack range is not big enough, the defense also seemed to be somewhat loose." His first coach NBA Kevin says Loughery. His mid-range -- according to the basket 8-15 feet -- shot is very good (hit rate of 51.5%), his steals also masked his defensive posture is not up to the standard of defect. In this two aspects will enable him to eventually become can pose a threat to each other in any position of the role and let him become one of the best for a defensive player.

"Even before his rookie season, people are convinced that the rocket and the Blazers will regret their choice", the score king Bernard Kim (Bernard King) early in the preseason is determined to slam magazine (Hoop magazine) said -- "I can only say," King said: "Chicago it is really to make over."

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